Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Stuff

In the church I was attending I got so tired of hearing sermons about getting more stuff. The message going out was constantly about how to get more money, bigger houses, nicer clothes, more expensive cars, take nice vacations, get more diamonds and jewelry, etc. "Get the double, the spirit of increase, sow more money to get more money, all the answers hinge on the tithe, call in the money, send the ministering spirits out to get your money, tell the devil to take his hands off your money".

I thought the object of being saved was to bear fruit.......that fruit being bringing others to Christ. Why were we not encouraged to use our faith to bring in a multitude of lost and hurting people to the church. Why not taught to sow our time and love into the lives of those who need Jesus, why not tell the devil to take his hands off of the ones he is holding captive in his web of deception, why not call in the fruit of the spirit in our lives, why not call in a double measure of holiness???

As I reflect over what the Bible has to say about these things, I am reminded of Jesus saying...."Take NO THOUGHT as to what you will eat or drink or wear". If we are constantly talking to and about the money, clothes, houses etc. it is abundantly aparent that we are taking alot of thought about these things! In fact they are not only thought about, they are constantly preached about. Why would we repeatedly have wonderful testimonies during church service about someone who got alot of money, got a bigger house or used their faith and became a millionaire? However never testimonies about a church member leading someone to Christ. If He told us to "seek first the kingdom of God and then all these things will be added unto you" then why do we need to consume time and effort in talking to them and use our faith to constantly call them in. These things actually have nothing to do with the kingdom of God.The kingdom of God is about people, not things.

When God asked Solomon (the richest man ever) what he wanted, he asked God for things that would benefit his people. Things like wisdom to rule and make Godly decisions.Then it was God's idea to make Solomon rich....not Solomon's.

Why don't we focus on living holy lives, having the fruit of the spirit evident and growing in our lives, really loving people with actions and not just words, seeking to know the compassion of Christ for others, and getting to know Him, not how to get stuff from Him.

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Anonymous said...

This is soooooo good!!!!!! You really have a way of expressing your thoughts. You should write a book. It is time for people to know the real truth.