Monday, June 16, 2008

What is a Leader

Lately I have been disillusioned by almost every person that I have given a roll of leadership to in my life. I know that there were things about them that I thought I saw: things such as honesty, integrity, wisdom, honor, etc. Yet as the years have gone by and events have taken place, I have come to the realization that it has all been an act. A huge illusion created with manipulation, lies and twisted truths. I had clues all along that they were not what they made themselves out to be, but because of an image they managed to display, I foolishly excused all the seemingly small things that bothered me. I have begun to wonder if there are very many people out there in leadership positions who have character.

I do know people who have character. They are all kind, polite, humble servants. People who don't demand "honor" "respect" "position" or "title". They don't have to demand it because they already have it without desiring it. They actually have the love of God for others operating in their lives. Real love. Not just talk, not talk and some action, but ACTION. The kind of actions on a day to day basis that the others in their lives and others that their lives touch can feel and see. Love that is evident in politeness,caring, putting others before themselves and a willingness help(not let me tell you how to do it help, but get in there physically help). Love that comes out in them doing what is best for others instead of doing whatever they want regardless of all the lives it will affect. People who want to serve because they love God, not people who want to be served because they know His Word.

These are the people that I want to be around and spend time with. These are the ones that I want to emulate. These are the ones who I want to follow their example. The ones that don't know it. The true leaders.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!I agree with everything you said. I think it is so sad that leaders you thought you could trust have hurt you and other innocent people.