Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honk if You Love Jesus

It seems the new thing on Facebook is to put a post such as Jesus is my Savior.... and put like this or post this and lets see how many true Christians there are on facebook. Copy and past this on your facebook page.

I just think it is so easy to like something ... re post something ... quote a bible verse... or honk if you love Jesus.

I wonder how many true Christians would jump on the bandwagon if we posted something like.... love the person who stabbed you in the back at work and strive everyday to show them the love of God...... Love every Christian the same whether they believe the way you do or not.... Love you neighbor as yourself no matter who they are or what they do.... Love people and show them everyday no matter what they say or do..

I think that is not as popular because it involves crucifying your flesh and making yourself act loving toward others when your flesh is screaming...... but look what they did to me...

I just wonder how many people who are so quick to post a claim that they are a christian or that they love Jesus are walking the "love your enemy" walk ....or... "the do good to those who hate you " walk.

I'm not saying that LOVE JESUS posts are bad.... not that bible verse posts are bad.... I'm just saying that I haven't seen much "loving those who hate me" actions in my lifetime and without that .... all the posts and quoting are in vain.