Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birmingham News Religion Top Stories 2009

On December 26, 2009, on the front page of the Religion section of the Birmingham News the top 20 church stories in 2009. In the opening paragraph one of the four stories first mentioned was the "sentencing of a megachurch youth minister as a sex offender". This sad but true story ranked number 2 out of the top 20 stories of the year.

This story of perversion on such a twisted level managed to outrank several truly wonderful stories such as, Matt Pitt, the founder of the Basement who is actually changing the lives of youth in the city and turning them toward God instead of using them to satisfy a sick and perverse lust for young flesh. It also outranked a story of an anonymous donor who wrote a check for $720,000.00 to keep a beloved Methodist church camp open and running.

The number 2 story reads:

"Former Word of Life Christian Center Executive Pastor and Youth Pastor David Webb was sentenced on July 30 and reported to federal prison on Aug. 31 to begin serving a five year sentenced for transporting a minor girl across state lines for sex. David Webb, former executive pastor and youth minister for Word of Life Christian Center on Derby Parkway, was indicted in January and PLEADED GUILTY to having sex with an underage girl in his youth group. He's now serving a five-year sentence in federal prison. "

Many deny this ever happened and this man pled guilty to "save the church" which would mean he would have had to lie in open court to the judge. This would have meant that he would have also lied when the judge asked him point blank in open court if he did "eventually succeed in having sex with her" to which Webb replied "yes sir"

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