Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never Leave Your Man of God

In my former church we were constantly taught that one of the most important things about our christian walk was to have a "man of God" to sit under and to "speak into our lives". Now it was very important also NEVER to LEAVE your "man of God" if you wanted to experience God's richest and best in your life.

In the New Testament, the phrase "man of God" is only mentioned two times. In second Timothy 3:16 the term "man of God" is referring to believers being equipped for every good work. In first Timothy 6:11, Paul is telling Timothy that as a man of God he should flee the things of the world and pursue righteousness.

Not one place in the New Testament is the church taught that they are to focus on ONE "man of God" to lead and guide them and speak into their lives. We have the Holy Spirit on the inside of us to lead and guide us into all truth. We are Jesus' sheep and we follow His voice.

This man made doctrine on "needing" a "man of God" to pledge our allegiance and support and financial gifts to has been put together by men who call themselves pastors and prophets in order to gain financial wealth, material gifts and keep their supporters under their control.

The body of Christ needs to wake up and realize who they are in Christ and realize that God speaks to each and every on of us. He is perfectly capable of leading, guiding, protecting and blessing us without a go-between to tell us what He wants or is saying.

We need to get out from under the control of these manipulative, greedy, materialistic imitations of pastors and find some true pastors with a pastor's heart to hook up with and DO the work of the ministry.


john john said...

yep you hit the nail on the head again. I wish you would write more often!

john john said...

You are absolutely correct, this teaching is only for the manipulation of people and their money. That is why the wof is a cult

Anonymous said...

THAT SOUNDS LIKE MY FORMER CHURCH!!! For so long,maybe a whole year after we left these churches,we thought we were nuts the confusion was so strong. Then one day my wife said that she knew what we had been under so we did our research on shepherding error of the 70 and 80s and spiritual abuse-guess what- we are getting freer everyday now just knowing the truth and I might add - a lot more money is in my bank account and I now put God first in the right way. I also never put anybody in front of my family when this church(serving,giving,attending meetings,always putting pastors needs first) used to have to be my life or I was put down by the leaders. The truth about these teaching will set you free!My man of God is Jesus and my partnership is with my wife.

GW said...

Great post. No one needs a so-called-man of God who "speaks into your life" and takes your money.
Anoynomus, i love your last sentence!