Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Walking Dead

I know of a church not unlike the church that I formerly attended. Many of the same guests visited both the churches. It seems like WOF preachers all have about the same circuit. One particular minister fancies himself a self proclaimed prophet and seer of great esteem in his own eyes. While in a service at this other church he boldly prophesied that members who had left that church due to heinous acts committed and mishandling of those situations would drop dead before the end of the year if they did not repent. Yet there is no repentance necessary for standing for righteousness and holiness. I personally have a friend who is one of this group. I will call them the walking dead. Many have chosen to stand up for what is right and discontinue blindly following the blind. Here on January 1 not one person who left has dropped dead. Could it be possible that this self proclaimed prophet was WRONG??????? I thought if a prophecy didn't come true that meant FALSE PROPHET....... What do you think?????

Lucky for them that false prophets aren't stoned these days.......kind of like sin doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

I actually heard a preacher say one time that sin didn't really matter to God as long as you are on the right path! How preposterous. The path of sin is never the right path.

Anonymous said...

Why do people continue to listen to these obviously decieved people?
When you attend their meetings the pride, arrogance and crudeness is impossible to overlook. When did we all forget what the Bible says a minister of the gospel is supposed to be.

Unknown said...

I stumbled on you blog from some widget I added to the sidebar of mine, lol, but I just wanted to say,
I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience, just from briefly looking over your posts I can see you obviously have been hurt in a church.

Can I link a message that I REALLY enjoy, I grew up in church with my father being a pastor, so TRUST me, I know what it's like to grow up around some crazy, hurtful stuff.

Like I said, I've grown up in church and also attended a Ministry training school, and some years later, I heard this message, and I was like, Yeah, I get's all about a relationship with the Lord, it's SO not about Religion...I think I always knew that deep down, but it was just hearing this that was life changing.

It's called Do You Love Me, and I think every person on the face of the planet needs to hear it. :)

That's the link and you can watch it free, don't let the buy now button confuse you.

Again, sorry you have had a bad experience, I pray that in 2009 you find a peace like you have never had before. :)