Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where is the Love

In the last few months that I was attending the church that I had attended for over a decade I began to question a multitude of things concerning the leadership there.

Why are over 80 percent of the sermons predominately about money?

Why do they try to make congregation members fearful of leaving that church and insinuate that even if they leave to go to another Bible believing, reputable church that bad things will happen to them?

Why are other churches and denominations constantly talked about negatively from the pulpit?

Why are people who attend the church or have attended the church called ugly names and criticized from the pulpit?

Why are there no programs directed to reaching out to the lost?

Why does the pastor never visit the congregation members who are in the hospital?

Why does the pastor rarely attend the funerals of congregation members who have died or immediate family members of congregation members that have died?

Why does the pastor not want to be around the congregation members or meet with them when they are in need of counsel?

It seemed like all these things pointed to a severe lack of love rather than a ministry built around love. In looking at the ministry of Jesus it is evident in the scriptures that his ministry was all about love and not about money or position. He was all about being a servant, not about being served. He was all about giving and not about collecting.

Jesus WENT to those in need, those hurting and those who were sick. He went to weddings and funerals. He made it clear that He was here to seek and save those who were lost. He didn't use fear tactics to get people to follow Him or make them afraid to leave, and He never insinuated that you could get things from God by "sewing your best financial seed". He never criticized his disciples or his followers in His messages. Even when His disciples came to Him and were upset because someone who was not one of them was casting out devils in Jesus name did not speak negatively about them. On the contrary, He said that if they were not against Him then they were for Him.(Luke 9:49-50). In The Message translation it says "He who is not an enemy is an ally". So why would a loving pastor criticize other churches and denominations?

Jesus was the example of love. He was the complete fulfillment of love. He taught us to live love, not just walk in love. Faith is wonderful but faith works by love. If love is not evident, faith is useless. Love is action. Love is the work of the ministry. You say you have faith? Show me your faith by your works (love in action toward others). Faith without works is dead. Why don't we get back to love and then our faith will mean something.


Anonymous said...

Once again, another great post! In the church I use to attend it seemed that everything hinged on how much money you gave. I have always loved to give to others, but when it is always pushed down your throat you seem to lose your cheerfulness. They make it seem like if you don't give, God won't do anything for you. I think God cares more about how much we love others rather than how much we put in the bucket. I think people have put so much emphasis on money when God has put the emphasis on love.

Anonymous said...

How have people gotten so far off? You are right about the things Jesus made a big deal out of, and it wasn't money.