Friday, July 11, 2008

Protecting the Anointing

I have heard so many pastors and preachers in some circles talk about how they need to "protect the anointing". I began thinking on the fact that if it is really "anointing" from God, where in the Word of God are we taught to "protect" it. Why is it only their (pastors and preachers) anointing that needs to be protected? Aren't we all anointed to do the work of the ministry? Aren't we all part of the body of Christ. Aren't we all kings and priests? Yet we never hear sermons about protecting our anointing.......we hear sermons about serving and giving.

Jesus never seemed concerned with "protecting the anointing". On the contrary, He seemed to thrive on being with others. He wasn't upset by their questions, being crowded in a mob of people, or them asking Him to pray for them when it wasn't the formal invitation. He even loved it when little children ran to Him in groups wanting to love on Him and have Him love on them. Now that is anointing.

The anointing of today seems to be a fragile and touchy thing. All kinds of things can disturb it. Having to talk to church members, being asked to pray for or with someone, having to counsel people, being asked questions, not flying on a private airplane, not having all accommodations in order.....the list could go on and on.

What good is an anointing like that? I am told that it is so that the pastor/preacher can deliver a profound and unsurpassed interpretation of the Word of God. Something that will change lives. Something that will cause things to happen to the hearers of this message if they will do it. How am I to believe this when they portray the anointing to be so lame.

Shouldn't the anointing of God be powerful, strong, sure and true? How can such small things disturb it to the point that the ones endowed with it must be petted, pampered and secluded or something will harm it.

We are all anointed. Anointed to serve Him, minister to others, love the lost, show the love of God to others, love our mates, raise and minister to our children, rightly divide the word of truth, and hear from God.

If I am going to put any value in what a pastor/preacher who claims to have the "anointing" is teaching it needs to be someone who WALKS OUT the anointing they have for all to see their fruit, not someone who just talks the "anointing".


Anonymous said...

Isn't the anointing given to people to help others? If the anointed person is secluding himself from people, how is that helping? Some of these things that are taught don't make any sense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Deanna said...

Excellent post, again!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the anointing needs protecting, but it is the vessel tha needs protecting so that the vessel stays in a Kingdom mindset to be able to carryout the works of the anointing. All are anointed but few have the right "heartset" or mindset to carry out the works of the anointing due to the cares of this world. Those who carry the anointing and are recognised in society, do need to be protected just like the Man of God in the Bible...

Lita Wright said...

Jesus was in a human body and His vessel didnt need his vessel protected. Paul didnt need his human vessel protected. In all his New Testament teaching... Paul didnt teach this and neither did Jesus. I am so tired of all these spiritual divas pulling up the things that they like out of the old testament and using them to spoil and pamper their flesh!!!