Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pastor or Businessman

Lately I have been thinking on what a pastor is and should be. A few months ago I found myself a part of a church where the pastor is thought of and treated in a way no other pastor I have ever had has. He also thought of himself the way no other pastor I have ever had did. He also pursued material things the way no other pastor I have ever had did. He required more attention, recognition and first class treatment the way no other pastor I ever had did.

I began to realize that his characteristics, lifestyle and habits were that of a businessman and not a pastor.

A businessman:
seeks to drive a nice car
desires fine clothes
is always looking to make a profit and get more money
craves eating the best food and in the best restaurants
needs nice accommodations
avoids those that do not further his career
spends time with those who have a lot of money
expects to be addressed with a title
arranges to have people there to cater to his needs
draws attention to himself and his achievements
furthers his own interests
puts himself first
acknowledges his own qualities

A pastor:
seeks whatever transportation will take him to where he needs to go
desires that the needs of others be met not to have expensive clothes
is always looking where to use what money is available to him to help others
eats whatever and wherever
will stay anywhere as long as he can be a help and minister to others
avoids no one
spends time in ministry to the poor, lost, broken and hurting
neither demands nor desires any title
arranges to have others needs met
points all attention to Jesus
furthers the gospel (the good news that Jesus died to save us)
puts all others before himself
is humble and never toots his own horn

If you are in a church where your pastor has more of the traits of a businessman, you need to look for another church and another pastor. He can't be both. He is either one or the other and a businessman has no business trying to be or claiming to be a pastor.

Choosing to be a pastor is choosing a life of servitude.... not choosing a life of being served and pampered.


Anonymous said...

Imagine someone like that living off of DONATIONS and belittling others who WORK for their $$!

I can tell you, my father-in-law pastor has spent much of his life in hospitals, funeral homes, people's homes, etc...tending to the needs of the people at all hours of the day and night. Our own lives have been disrupted many, many times so that he can tend to the sheep.

And all the "pastor" you are referring to ever did was (drum roll, please) :

Get paid to have everyone serve HIS ENORMOUS EGO!!!!

-Amos M.

Anonymous said...

That businessman guy sounds like he might be part of one of those flesh churches we have heard so much about.